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Tamara Kittelson

Tamara Kittelson became an occupational therapist more than 40 years ago, graduating with a B.A. in OT from St. Catherine University. In 1981 she earned an advanced Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine, Early Intervention Emphasis from the University of Washington. She and her family moved to Missoula in 1983, where her Montana career began by work at the Child Development Center for ten years. During this time Eleanore, her third daughter, was born with cerebral palsy and profound deafness, ushering her into the family services world.

Tamara's focus shifted to specializing in assistive technology, especially positioning and mobility equipment for children, youth and adults with complex needs. She has done this work in a variety of settings, primarily community based, including her own private practice. Over time her interest in and passion for 24 hour posture care and management developed and grew.

Tamara is a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional/Seating and Mobility Specialist, and completed Advanced Postural Care certificates through the Open College Network, West Midlands (UK). She directs two nonprofits based in Missoula, Eleanore’s Project and Posture 24/7 – focusing internationally and domestically on her special interests. Tamara is thrilled to join the team at Moving Mountains Therapy, where her philosophies about teamwork and family centered care are shared. In her spare time she loves to grow, preserve and cook with food from her garden and is an avid yoga practitioner.

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Filmed in Tamara's home during pandemic precautions!

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Jill Sparacio, OTR/L, ATP/SMS, ABDA

"I just finished the course... It was great. I have sent the link to the younger therapists that I work with so they can learn. I have been preaching for years for earlier use of custom seating and have been met with so many road blocks! I often get new admissions at work where systems have been “band-aided” together, trying to solve one problem by slapping on an additional component but creating a bigger issue. When I try to explain the simplicity yet complexity of custom molded seating, I can see the light bulbs go on. Your presentation made the point so nicely and obviously."

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    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome!

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    • Introduction and learning objectives

  • 2

    Chapter One: Working with kids and young people in seating

    • Working with kids and young people in seating

    • Test your learning

  • 3

    Chapter Two: Postural tendencies

    • Postural tendencies

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    Chapter Three: Biomechanics of postural deviations – asymmetry, gravity and time

    • Biomechanics of postural deviations – asymmetry, gravity and time

    • Test your learning

  • 5

    Chapter Four: Intervention – let’s get practical and start early

    • Intervention – let’s get practical and start early

  • 6

    Chapter Five: Wrap it up

    • Congratulations

    • More resources

    • Course evaluation

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