Explore the importance of early intervention and proper methods to approach custom seating.

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Course Objectives

  • Describe three potential evaluation findings that could help build justification for early intervention with custom molded seating

  • List three advantages of orthotic-based over traditional custom molded seating options

  • Explain two common errors often seen with indirect custom molded simulation and how to overcome them

  • Discuss how seating shape and orientation work together to optimize postural alignment and postural tendencies

Meet Your Instructor!

Tom Hetzel, PT, ATP, and CEO of Ride Designs

Tom has been involved in virtually all levels of the seating and mobility industry for over 30 years. He supports clinical practice at Aspen Seating and leads education and product design at Ride Designs. Tom holds multiple patents in the wheelchair seating and mobility industry. When Tom is not working he tries to hide in the mountains, camping, hiking, biking and simply hanging out with his family.

Custom Seating Strategy: Early Versus Late Intervention

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